Educating future leaders on Sustainability

Carbon emissions analysis and related modules that fit your schools needs!

How it works

10 modules to start making change

Engaging Content

Designed for student engagement, our modules are designed by sustainability experts and teachers to inspire your students to take a lead on making the school sustainable.

Hands on activity

Creating change at your school means the students will be learning by doing! We will quickly get students to understand sustainability with goal oriented activities with real outcomes.

Project delivery

By the end of the modules students will be ready to present a project backed by data to be implemented by the school which will reduce emissions and set in place structures for a better future.

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Carbon Neutral Schools

Does your school help people change the world for the better?

The Carbon Neutral Schools program is designed to put leadership in the hands of students while equipping them with the information and know-how to action their sustainable thoughts.

We want to enable students to understand what their environmental impact is and what it can be after learning ways to reduce their schools emissions.

The first step is educating them about the significance of their own consumption and ways they can change at school and at home.

Let us help you make the first step at your school today!

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From waste to innovation

NetNada has built out a suite of modules that cover a range of topics like waste management, recycling, energy usage, renewable energy and water consumption. While also developing skills in innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity, design thinking, and data analytics across a number of age groups and key learning stages.

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