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In your company’s accounting data sits all the inputs to your business. NetNada uses its proprietary data sets and algorithms to assess these inputs and measures the direct, indirect and supply chain impact of these.

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Make sustainability a strength in your business with our help.

It all starts with an upload. Put your businesses operational expenditure to the test through our secure platform and we will give you a detailed analysis of where your business emits CO2.

The first step to reducing your carbon footprint is understanding what it is made up of and how big the shoe is! With every action and purchase there are associated carbon emissions, in this first step we do the heavy lifting to show you where they are in your business.

With this information we can work with you to improve your businesses bottom line and improve your businesses sustainability. It is all about taking that first step!

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Connect with accounting software or add your utility bills  and let the magic happen.


Find the right solutions for your business that don’t break the bank


Share your results and improvements with your customers and partners

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AI analysis and prediction of your businesses sustainability

improving your business

Finding the right solutions for your business that don’t break the bank


Share your improvements with your customers and partners