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Make sustainability a part of your process with our help

It all starts with an upload. Put your businesses operational expenditure to the test through our secure platform and we will give you a detailed analysis of where your business emits CO2.

The first step to reducing your carbon footprint is understanding what it is made up of and how big the shoe is! With every action and purchase there are associated carbon emissions, in this first step we do the heavy lifting to show you where they are in your business.

With this information we can work with you to improve your businesses bottom line and improve your businesses sustainability. It is all about taking that first step!

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AI analysis and prediction of your businesses sustainability

Our smart AI system analyses your business activity, processes, suppliers and generated emissions to then provide you with a set of modular solutions that can help your business run better with less harm on the environment.

We give you recommendations and insights on what your business can change to increase customer loyalty, conversions around sustainability, and ultimately sales while keeping sustainability at your core. We will work our magic for your business and the planet!

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Finding the right solutions for your business that don’t break the bank

Your business is unique and so are the solutions that we propose. Our analytics take your businesses size, location, industry, customers, users, partners, stakeholders, supply chain and employees into account when formulating our spread of modular emissions reducing options for your organisation.

It is not about fixing everything at once. We want to help you set achievable and measurable goals to transition your business and team as you become a sustainable modern business.

We will provide you with costing and estimated return on investments for each solution as well as emissions savings and the best ways to celebrate these positive changes!

Digital image of a cross legged woman sitting on the ground. Plant on her left and a laptop on her right.


Share your improvements with your customers and partners

You can view your results and your new benchmarks on our platform to see how far you have come and the savings you have made with NetNada. Sustainability is a critical pillar of business in any modern market and it is a cause for celebration with our help.

Your customers, users, employees and other stakeholders will be interested to hear about the changes you have made in your business and the positive environmental impact you are having as a result.

Sustainable business is a journey and transparency is an important part of that journey, no one expects you to be perfect over night, but you’re positive changes should be celebrated during this journey and we are there with you each step of the way.

We provide you with content that you can share internally and/or on social media to promote your improvements!

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