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Breaking down 'being sustainable'

Young people truly care about the impacts that they have on the environment both at home and at school because they know they are the ones who are inheriting the world that we leave. But they lack the knowledge and guidance to drive the change they desire.

84% of the surveyed young people agree that they need more information to prevent climate change and a staggering 89% of respondents said that they believe they, as young people, can make a difference to climate change!

Your students want to be a part of making this difference and the first step is equipping them with the tools and knowledge to do so!

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What makes up a carbon footprint

Positive change starts with understanding your current position. The first step in our Carbon Neutral Schools program is analysing the processes at your school and identifying where the emissions are coming from. With the students we take a deep dive into what makes up their carbon footprint personally and what makes up the schools.

Once we have the information on how and where your school produces the majority of its emissions we work with the students to come up with cost effective ways to minimise them and maximise the efficiency of campus!


Empowering student lead change

Our programs are designed to enable student lead change and implementation. It is their drive and passion for the environment that pushes school changes from within.

In the Carbon Neutral Schools program, students are the key drivers in raising awareness, participating in educational programmes, promoting sustainability, conserving nature, supporting renewable energy, adopting environmentally-friendly practices and implementing strategies.

Let your students drive change for a sustainable future on your campus today and for the world they know they will inherit tomorrow!

Digital image of a cross legged woman sitting on the ground. Plant on her left and a laptop on her right.

Implement, share, and review

Presenting the facts and continuing to improve

Every student lead action in the Carbon Neutral Schools program is a step in the right direction. It is not about becoming carbon neutral overnight, but about working towards a goal with a good plan in place to do so in time.

The changes and improvements made are a cause for celebration as your students have pulled together their creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial skills with their new found knowledge of sustainability to create positive change for your school and the environment.

Whether it be in waste management, recycling, water, renewable energy or consumption we will help you and your students share these improvements on your social and traditional media platforms with your school community!

Have what it takes?

Join us and start making change

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