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Get on your path to carbon neutrality through recognized certication

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Connect with accounting software or add your utility bills like electricity, water, waste and let the magic happen.

Footprint results

We breakdown the information you upload and give you back businesses sustainaibility performance


We then tell you what changes you can make without breaking the bank

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"The Netnada team has created a portal where we can monitor all aspects of our sustainability journey. The overall goal is to help move towards ‘carbon neutrality’ and looking at the waste we generate is just the first step in the process"

Michael Burden (Leader of Innovation and Partnerships)

You aleady have everything you need to become sustainable and win more business

Make sustainability easy

Carbon measurement for your business done the way you’d hope it would be

Netnada technology automates the complex measurements involved in carbon footprinting, converting data you already keep (purchase records from your accounting system) into their carbon equivalent

Science based goals

Share with clients and stakeholders

Transform your supply chain and rally your partners along in your low carbon journey with our certification programme that lets you demonstrate your understanding of your impacts and improvements. Communicate your achievements with your customers with confidence.

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What is Greenwashing?

As an attempt to capitalise on the growing demand for environmentally sound products, “greenwashers” aim to make their products or services seem healthier, more natural, less wasteful, recyclable, free of chemicals or made of natural resources.

Deep dive into greenwashing

Businesses are problem solvers, but can they solve the climate crisis?

Businesses by nature are problem solvers as they respond to supply, demand needs and wants in their markets. From a sole trader in a small coffee shop to the board of directors at Starbucks, each day brings a unique set of challenges and requires necessary changes.

Learn about sustainability problem solvers

Sustainable Business - Where is the ROI

Return on Investment (ROI) is the term that is thrown around to identify if and when a company’s expenditure will return a profit, either monetarily or non-monetarily. This is based on spending, speculation, expectation and forecasting.

Learn about the ROI of sustainability

IPCC report - Code Red For The Planet

The most crucial report card on climate change has been released and it is a concerning reminder we all need to make some changes.

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How regenerative farming helps lower carbon emissions

Unconventional techniques can sequester carbon while improving the soil. A look into Canada’s advancements in regenerative farming techniques and their positive impacts.

Learn about helping the planet through farming