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Business carbon emissions management

Calculate your scope 1,2, and 3 emissions, and build custom action plans to work towards reduction with the support of our sustainability expert team.

Sustainability benchmark and certification

Show your credentials with a strong public profile that you can use to show built by NetNada and accessible by your most important clients.

Compliance and reporting foundations

Our compliance and reporting solution will help you gain the competitive edge needed to close deals, operate more efficiently, and avoid risks of greenwashing

Carbon credits and offset portfolio

Decide if carbon neutrality or emissions offsetting is right for your business with commission-free carbon credits from trusted and regulated projects.
An automated process

Get your business sustainability
ready in days, not months.

Connect with an expert

Get your own sustainability expert to help you onboard NetNada and on board you and your team in their sustainability pathway

Gather your data

Export from your systems or use of NetNada custom integrations to speed up data collection

Let NetNada run the numbers

Calculate scope 1, 2, and 3 based on local emissions factors and GHG protocol aligned

Share your results and sustainability data

Share you results and a company specific reduction strategy with your own public profile

Get certified

Sign off on a Carbon Committed Certification or Carbon Neutrality with our non-commissions based offsets

"I couldn't believe how easy it was to use and how quickly we had a professional carbon report. I highly recommend it to businesses who are serious about their carbon commitments but don't know where to start!"

Adrian, Head of Partnerships APAX
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Frequently asked business sustainability related questions

Everything you need to know about emissions measurements for your business
Why should my company measure its carbon footprint?
Measuring your carbon footprint is deemed as a recognised first step when it comes to sustainable business practices. As commonly said "you can't change what you can't measure.

Also know as creating a carbon inventory for your business, measuring emissions will help you in:

Identifying Emission Sources: pinpoint the sources of their greenhouse gas emissions accurately. This identification is crucial for developing targeted strategies to reduce emissions effectively.

Setting Reduction Targets: By understanding their carbon footprint, organisations can set realistic and impactful reduction targets. When reduction strategies are put in place, there are many cost saving opportunities with varied ROI.

Winning New Clients: mature clients in specific industries and regions have reporting responsibilities that mandate that their vendors or service providers report ESG information including emissions data.

How does NetNada calculate my company’s emissions?
NetNada follows the advise of the international framework GHG protocol to calculate an organisation’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions using a combination of two methodologies: spend-based and activity-based. Information from different systems including electricity, waste, spend, employee commute is required for accurate calculations. NetNada has many integrations and resources to speed up this process.
What does the NetNada platform offer?
NetNada Carbon Management platform offers an affordable and easy way to measure all the emissions associated with your business, support from sustainability experts, and all the resources you need to showcase your commitment with employees and clients alike.

NetNada is a cost and time saver when compared to traditional consultants and a more automated alternative to other carbon measurement software available in the US, AUS, and European market.

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