Bring confidence to your investors in 2025

ISSB was established to bring to an end the alphabet soup. Take control of ISSB reporting and assurance with NetNada enterprise ready platform.

Integrated and robust double materiality

With 100 different ESG topics to consider and report on, NetNada allows to map your value chain at every location, and assess their climate risks with NetNada AI.

Work with NetNada-certified implementation partners or internal NetNada experts to define material topics using Double Materiality Assessment

Seamless sustainability and climate related financial disclosures

NetNada guides your team through the entire ISSB compliance process, eliminating countless internal and consulting hours.

Use NetNada to complyautomate data gathering, your compliance evidence collection and significantly reduce reporting costs.
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Complete audit assurance and ensure quality disclosures

Refocus your team on change, not regulation. Leverage NetNada network of internal and external experts throughout the process and give access to your auditors to review on NetNada platform and easily monitor their progress.

With reporting deadlines beginning in early 2025, the fastest, most scalable way to satisfy ISSB requirements is with software.


ESG data collection

With NetNada report builder, designed specifically for ISSB disclosure, you’ll know exactly what data you need based on your double materiality assessment.

Integrated third party audit

Use powerful data governance and audit tools to ensure your data meets rigorous standards. Grant direct platform access to external auditors to inspect supporting evidence, and verify audit trails in parallel.

Leverage an embedded expert network

Get expert guidance on how to respond to qualitative and quantitative questions from NetNada's world-class policy advisors and partners.

"Investors and their regulators want to understand what companies are doing to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and how climate matters affect their enterprise value"

ISSB Chair, Emmanuel Faber
International Sustainability Standards Board
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Get ahead with ISSB aligned climate disclosures

Grow investor confidence and meet reporting needs
Level up your sustainability
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