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Climate Active is the Australian gold standard for carbon neutrality certification. NetNada ensures you get certified and prove the strength of your sustainability credentials to customers
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Unbound growth potential

NetNada automates up to 80% of the work required to obtain Climate Active, helping you achieve the certification in half the time and fast track your path to carbon neutrality.

Our measurements overlap with complementary standards like GHG protocol get you closer to international multi-standard compliance for a fraction of the effort.

Sustainability and compliance

NetNada helps you establish a complete, manageable carbon inventory built on top of the Climate Active Carbon Neutral certification.

Pick from over a dozen customisable emission boundaries templates to help define the scope of your measurement, assign roles and responsibilities, and explicitly demonstrate your organisation’s compliance with Climate Active requirements.
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Climate Active expertise

NetNada isn’t just an automation platform that will make certification faster – it offers access to a team that will help you through every step of the process.

Your Customer Success Manager will guide you through implementation and our in-house Climate Active experts will help you navigate every stage of the process.


Carbon inventory management

Whether you have a team of 2 or 200, our platform ensures you get accurate and reliable emissions data for your submissions

Integrated third party audit

Speed up your certification with our vetted auditors as part of your Climate Active application process and ensure only approved users can access sensitive data and company tools.

No-comission carbon credits purchase

Access vetted VERRA, ACCUS, and Gold Standard carbon credits directly through NetNada without hidden fees as part of your certification

“I felt like I needed a lot of guidance, I didn’t know what I was doing. But with my success manager at NetNada we got ready for Climate Active in a couple of weeks.”

Carina Parlas, Executive Administrator
ASI Solutions
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Journey Towards Carbon Neutral

What are the steps in the Climate Active process?

Application and License Agreement

Firstly, companies must submit an application to Climate Active. Following the approval of the application, the business can enter a license agreement with Climate Active.

Calculate emissions for your base-year

This includes a measurement of your scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions for either a calendar or financial year, this calculation must be done by a registered consultant of Climate Active.

Develop and implement reduction strategies

This often encompasses operational alterations like curbing electricity usage, adopting renewable energy sources, waste reduction, enhancing fuel and transport efficiencies and more.

Offset your emissions

Any residual emissions must be eliminated or offset by procuring carbon credits. Credits must be from credible provider. This strategic offsetting brings about the attainment of carbon neutrality status.

Arrange independent validation

Business must seek independent third party for the validation of their carbon neutral claim. This validation covers emissions data within the carbon account, offsetting, reduction strategies etc.

Publish your public disclosure statement

Climate Active assesses your comprehensive reporting documents, endorsing your organisation's carbon neutral claim. Once certified, your PDS is listed on their website.

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