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Join NetNada referral program and earn commissions and client discounts. Use lead forms, referral links, or unique codes and when a lead converts to a customer, the referral partner gets rewarded. Our team is responsible for the  client journey, from onboarding to action.

Consultants and advisors

The pathway to expand your service portfolio and drive a new sustainability revenue stream. You keep control of the client relationship, offering a comprehensive solution that combines your know how with our sustainability software solutions. By becoming a reseller you can access our learning academy to upskill your team.

Sustainable Solution

Have a solution that fits a business sustainability efforts? From solar panels and circular products, to employee training and EV buying, we will help you show the impact of your solution and close deals faster.


NetNada Integration Partners build integrations that provide ongoing, enhanced sustainability outcomes across the business systems you rely on. Let our customers use your services to be easily connect their monetary and physical data to NetNada.
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Sit alongside other forward thinking businesses and drive the message in a seamless way. Our team will help craft the right story and assets you can use across your channels.

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We will invest in you and your team to upskill in carbon accounting and other sustainability topics so you can drive better conversations.

Walk the talk and unlock better rewards

Commit to your own sustainability journey or complete our education module to become a Certified Partner and get more support and discounts.

Solar Energy Enterprises  focus on driving energy costs down. From the initial feasibility study to the design and installation of solar, their solutions are tailored for businesses. As partner they are able to drive a more complete sustainable offering and showcase how solar plays into their clients carbon footprint context.

Referral and Reseller Partner
Solar Energy Enterprises
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