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CDP—known as the Climate Disclosure Project—is the leading voluntary climate disclosure framework used by companies around the world.

Report with confidence and unlock sustainable growth

NetNada platform helps you better understand what every question is asking, how CDP awards points and how to best frame your organisation's answers.

Define the scope of disclosure, allocate roles and responsibilities, and showcase your organisation's commitment to CDP score system.

Streamline data collection and emissions calculations

Our software aligns seamlessly with CDP emissions disclosure requirements and complementary standards like GHG Protocol, positioning you for international multi-standard compliance.
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Expert guidance on CDP submissions

NetNada helps you understand the requirements and navigate different sustainability reporting frameworks, track the status of your reports, and build on previous disclosures.

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will support you through implementation, while our in-house CDP specialists provide expert guidance at every stage of the process and questionnaire.


Streamlined Carbon Inventory Management

Our platform ensures the collection of precise and realiable emissions data for your CDP submissions.

Industry specific CDP pathway

Accelerate your certification process with the correct CDP application pathway. Ensure you have all that you need for getting approved based on your industry.

Built in approved best practices

Measure and include scope 3 data and get alerts for CDP scoring potential directly from NetNada.

"I personally filled the CDP questionnaire. The main challenges was it was really hard for us to gather all the information, because all the pieces for climate disclosures are not stored on an online platform."

Ollie Nelson, Sustainability Associate
Zip Co
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Learn more about NetNada and CDP voluntary disclosures

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Get ahead with a CDP submission

24,000 organizations around the world disclosed data through CDP
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Frequently asked CDP related questions

Everything you need to know about CDP for your business
Why should a business report to CDP?
Businesses opt to report to CDP for a multitude of reasons. A significant factor is the growing demand from investors and customers for enhanced transparency regarding sustainability practices, aiding them in making well-informed investment or procurement choices. Additionally, some companies leverage CDP as a preparatory tool for forthcoming regulations mandating sustainability disclosure. Furthermore, there are those who prioritize sustainability voluntarily, viewing it as a strategic approach to employee engagement and market positioning.
How long does a CDP submission preparation take?
The duration for preparing a CDP submission varies, typically spanning from 1 to 3 months. Factors influencing this timeline include the complexity of your business operations, your current data collection procedures, and previous experience with CDP submissions or similar sustainability disclosures. Leveraging a sustainability software solution such as NetNada can speed up this process significantly. By automating data collection and seamlessly integrating emissions data and energy data into high scoring questions, NetNada increases efficiencies, potentially reducing preparation time.
Should you use a consultant for a CDP submission?
Your submission preparation strategy is based on several key factors: the quality of your data, your familiarity with sustainability disclosures, and the size of your sustainability team. For newcomers to sustainability reporting, consultants can offer valuable guidance; however, they may pose drawbacks in terms of speed and cost compared to sustainability software platforms. NetNada presents a compelling solution, featuring built-in CDP scoring and reporting guidance. In addition, our team of sustainability experts are readily available for help if needed and to ensure best practices into your disclosure process.
What if I get a bad CDP score?
Those who submit by the July deadline to the CDP are given the opportunity to maintain privacy regarding their score for the initial year. This allows for feedback and improvement on the submission without immediate public scrutiny. For numerous companies, embarking on their sustainability journey means grappling with initial challenges, and thus, obtaining a lower CDP score is often deemed acceptable. Disclosing to CDP serves as a catalyst for identifying gaps in your sustainability program. By addressing these gaps, you not only increase your score but fast-track meaningful sustainability initiatives.
Is CDP only for large organisation?
The CDP offers a special simplified pathway for small and medium business (SMBs). Answering these questions will generate a customised guidance document to help you understand and answer the CDP questionnaire, depending on your entity.  NetNada will also inform what information to provide; what complex terminology means; where to find tools or further information to prepare your organisation’s response.
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