Lead the change with Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi)

SBTi sets the global benchmark for ambitious climate action and net zero goals. Let NetNada guide your journey towards verified sustainability leadership.

Unlock potential for sustainable growth

NetNada streamlines up to 80% of the tasks involved in achieving SBTi certification, propelling you towards your goals in half the time.

Our software aligns seamlessly with complementary standards like GHG Protocol, positioning you for international multi-standard compliance effortlessly.

Sustainability anchored in action

NetNada empowers you to construct a comprehensive, manageable carbon inventory and 1.5C strategy that integrates seamlessly with the SBTi framework.

Choose from a variety of customisable emission boundary templates to define the scope of your measurements, allocate roles and responsibilities, and showcase your organisation's commitment to meeting SBTi requirements.
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Expert guidance on SBTi

Beyond automation, NetNada offers personalised support throughout your SBTi certification journey depending on sector and business size pathways.

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will shepherd you through implementation, while our in-house SBTi specialists provide expert guidance at every stage of the process.


Streamlined Carbon Inventory Management

Our platform ensures the collection of precise and realiable emissions data for your SBTi submissions.

Company specific SBTi pathway

Accelerate your certification process with the correct SBTi application pathway. Ensure you have all that you need for getting approved.

Built in approved targets

Measure and include near-term science-based targets based on your scope 1, 2 and 3 from the GHG protocol

“Companies should take action or make investments outside their own value chains to mitigate GHG emissions in addition to their near-term and long-term science-based targets."

Beyond Value Chain Mitigation (BVCM) Report
Science-Based Target Initiative, R9
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Learn more about NetNada and Science-based targets

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