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Our mission is to democratize sustainability in businesses. Small, medium and large businesses should all be able to access fast, affordable and accurate sustainability analysis of their operations alongside business specific solutions that benefit their people, profits and the planet.

This is the team at NetNada who are helping make this a reality!

Photo of Afonso Firmo. Portuguese Male in his 20's with short hair. Plant background

Afonso Firmo

Co-Founder & Director

Loves smart systems, geography, and the outdoors.

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Photo of Lochie Burke. White male in his 20's with short hair. Black background

Lochie Burke

Co-Founder & Director

Loves technology, good businesses and the ocean.

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Women profile photo against painted white wall with crossed arms

Kamakshi Mathu

Full-stack developer

Loves a good challenge to solve, can be found admiring nature and dogs

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Mohammed Al Mansour

Back-end Developer

Loves a good hike and making sure things are done the right way.

Profile photo of young woman with business atire against white wall

Enakshi Majumder

Data Analytics Manager

Loves computers, her dogs and the environment.

Profile photo of young man with glasses and tshirt against white wall

Asyraf Jusoh

Industrial Intern

Loves chatbots, travelling and table tennis.

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Content production intern [video, writting, or audio]
Grant & Tender Writer
Software Engineer
Lead Software Engineer
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