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event carbon footprint

Create lasting experiences and get ahead of the curve with the definitive carbon measurement platform for events.
Overcoming challenges

Measuring your event carbon footprint is now 10x more accessible


Event organisers want to create sustainable experines but don't know where to start.

Our solution

A complete event emissions measurement based on proven best practices

Designed to give insight into the sustainability of your event, NetNada captures emission, travel and waste data for all types of events; live, hybrid, and digital events.


You want to differentiate your event and provide clients and attendees with a sustainability information.

Our solution

Automate more of the small stuff and stay focused on the big things

We automate data more data collection and calculations than any other event carbon footprint calculator - making it easier for those wearing multiple hats to spend more time on what matters.
Hundred of companies and partners trust NetNada with their event sustainability

Event carbon footprint measurement

Calculate your scope 1,2, and 3 emissions, and build custom action plans to work towards reduction with the support of our sustainability expert team.

Sustainability solutions and certifications

Show your credentials with a strong public profile that you can use to show built by NetNada and accessible by your most important clients.

Attendee engagement and reportng

Our reporting solution will help you gain the competitive edge needed to close deals and engage with attendees

Carbon neutral event with free offset portfolio

Decide if carbon neutrality or emissions offsetting is right for your event with commission-free carbon credits from trusted and regulated projects.

Event Emissions Calculator

Use our calculator below to estimate the emissions of your event and provide attendees, sponsors and organisers an insight into the impact of the event.

You are welcome to publish and share the calculations below, we just ask that you reference the figures we provide.

Learn More About Our Calculations

- Figures are calculated using the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard for Events
- Data is enriched using the insights NetNada has a gathered from analysing a wide range of events
- Estimates are only applicable to Australian based events.
- Emissions regarding waste, energy, special lighting and accomodation have been simplified.

If you are interested in a detailed analysis of your event or to use our calculator internally at your organisation please get in touch via the button below.

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