A guide to Sydney Climate Action week 2024

Learn what is Sydney Climate Action week and how to find the perfect event amongst the 100+ on offer. Read through the guide or use the AI power chatbot.
The biggest climate event in Sydney

More than 100+ community led events to pick from


Climate Action Week Sydney is a series of community-led events across Sydney from all aspects of the climate action ecosystem.


By the community to the community

CAW.SYD is an opportunity for individuals and organisations from across our community to take and inspire stronger climate action

How to find your perfect CAW.Sydney event

01 Use our chatbot

Time to Complete
less than 1 minute

The NetNada CAW chatbot can help you find one perfect events from the 100+ on offer. While we recommend that you due your own research based on speakers, organising team, and initiative you want to support, the chatbot can help you find new events that you might have missed out otherwise.

How to use?

1. Click the blue icon the bottom right corner of the page.
2. Click 'help me find an event'
2. Add your preferred times, dates, and topic
3. Follow the link to Humanitix
4. Register or purchase ticket


How many events can the chatbot access?
The chatbot can access all published CAW.Sydney events available in Humanitix or throught the official CAW.Sydney website.
Are there are preferred events?
There are no preferred events that we recommend. The responses are based on your time availabilities and topic suggested. We use the title of the event to understand preferences.
How is NetNada connected to CAW.Sydney
NetNada staff are volunteers in the adminastrion group of CAW.Sydney. In addition, NetNada is hosting two events during the Climate Action Week Sydney.

02 Book a ticket

Time to Complete
1-2 minutes. Most events are free

Once you found your perfect event just follow the link to Humanitix to book a ticket.

If the link in the chatbot is broken, visit the official CAW.Sydney website to search for the event name.

Most tickets are free but some session are paid. Our recommendations do not have a preference over the other.

Common questions about booking a ticket

Are tickets free?
Ticket price changes event to event. Some are free while others are paid.
Does CAW.Sydney gets a fee on tickets sold.
No, all money from tickets sold goes to the organisers.

03 Attend

Time to Complete
1-3 hours depending on event

Get on your bike, jump on the train, carpool with a friend and make your way to your awesome Climate Action Week Event.

There is no right number of how many events you can attend!

Common questions about transport during CAW.Sydney

Is there parking at Sydney Climate Action Week Events?
Parking depends on venue. CAW.Sydney does not make it compulsory for event hosts to have parking available on site.
Can I walk to an event?
You most definitely  can.
Is there a spot to park my bike at a Sydney Climate Action Week event?
You most definitely  can.
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