Fast, accurate and ongoing carbon accounting

Our award-winning technology calculates your carbon footprint in minutes not months - so you can focus on reducing your impact.

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Hundreds of growing companies and partners trust NetNada with their sustainability
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Aligned with leading methodologies

Our calculations are in line with GHG protocols, Paris Agreement, IGCC, Climate Active Carbon Neutral and Nabers Ratings.

Safely uses accounting data

No need to fill out exhaustive spreadsheets and countless meetings, let our integrations do all the work.

Effortlessly extracts utility bill data

Our system uses optical character recognition to extract data from your utility bills and provide accurate calculations.

Ongoing calculations, not just a moment in time

Our technology continuously analyses your carbon footprint, updating it in our dashboard. Say goodbye to tedious and expensive annual calculations.
Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions calculated using activity and expense based data/
Track your changing emissions over time against reduction strategies
Understand the impact of changes in your business such as growth or new locations
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Consumption based approach backed by CSIRO

We model your carbon footprint using our proprietary algorithm that identifies emissions by various sources based on accounting data.
Takes days not months for us to calculate thanks to AI and machine learning systems
Highly accurate third-party approved calculation that meets international standards
Deep commitment and focus on cybersecurity with data protocols in line with listed company requirements

Focus on reducing not measuring your carbon footprint

Our platform shows you your largest sources of emissions and provides recommendations on how to reduce them.
Use data to efficiently improve your impact by knowing where to focus your attention first
Empower stakeholders with actionable insights that you can weave into marketing and reporting efforts
Use the carbon accounts we prepare for you to apply for all leading certifications
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