Carbon Offsets For Your Business

In order to achieve carbon neutrality most businesses will need to offset a portion of their carbon emissions. At NetNada we offer a range of best-in-class offset programs to our customers.

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Hundreds of growing companies and partners trust NetNada with their sustainability
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Verified quality

We partner with strictly vetted suppliers. No more ridiculous projects like planting leafy trees in the middle of the Australian desert.

Cost effective offset solutions

Unlike competitors we charge 0% commission on our offsets, passing the savings onto you.

Variety of verifications

We offer domestic and international credits including Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs), Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) and others.

We only offer gold standard offsets

Based on your carbon emissions profile, we can help you choose which offset projects to support. No need to worry about being involved with illegitimate offset projects.
Provide trusted and personalised CO2 offset solutions for you 
Verified quality of offsets that make a positive impact on the planet
We have strong ongoing relationships with a variety of vetted suppliers
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Transparent approach to offsets

We believe reducing your emissions is far more important than offsetting them. As such we avoid any vested interest in recommending offsets by charging 0% commission on them.
Our platform will help you to reduce emissions first so you pay for less offsets
When possible we will strive to deliver you commercially priced offsets
Due to demand, offsets will only become more expensive and hope to keep those costs down

Offsets tailored to your business

Our partnerships with carbon credit providers means you have access to both domestic and international programs to suit the needs of your business.
KACCUs, VCUs, VERs and ACCUs - we work with a wide variety
Find offset programs that reflect the interests and concerns of your company
We are here to educate and instruct you as to how best choose offsets
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