Caroline Pidcock

Caroline Pidcock shares her dilemma in deciding to go to Glasgow #cop26  and some of the things we need to think about as we embrace the future we need.

Caroline has over 25 years of leading and contributing to a wide range of boards and organisations. Her creative lateral thinking, hardworking nature, humor, and ability to positively engage with many people, make her an invaluable contributor to groups looking to the future. Her practice – PIDCOCK – has been inspired by the possibilities of creating beautiful places that demonstrate how the many issues that are fundamental to sustainability can be potent and profound influences.

Caroline was invited to Glasgow at very short notice - go to COP26, she found out she could secure a ticket and accompany her great friend Natalie Isaacs to what some might consider the most important future setting conference of her lifetime… Together they could help advocate the mission of 1 Million Women and enrich relationships to support its future work. She could also connect with architects from the Declare and regeneration movements across the world and contribute to the discussions about how the built environment is an important part of a low carbon, regenerative future…

She had decided to go as she wants to make sure the voices of those who believe Australia can be a positive and impactful part of the future are heard. Loudly and clearly. she believes that Australia has a number of incredible natural assets that can help us in the future, and she wants to share these ideas with as many people as possible.

Check out the full story share in the form of an insightful blog, where Caroline amazingly describes her journey and experience with us. Read the full story on PIDCOCK's blog page.

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