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What is NetNada?
What is the Mission of NetNada?
What is the Vision of NetNada?
What is the address of NetNada's office?
Why should NetNada be our choice?
Who are the target clients of your company?
What are the companies NetNada partner with?
Is NetNada's service available exclusively to Australian businesses?
What is the science behind NetNada's sustainability initiatives?
What is the cost of the product?
How does the subscription process work?
What is the procedure for cancelling my subscription?
Are there any receipts for the subscriptions I have made?
After my business subscribes to your service, what is the next step?
What product does NetNada offer?
What is the mechanism of the product?
What areas does the product take into account when calculating the product's sustainability performance?
What information do we need to provide in order for the product to function properly?
Is this product suitable for household purpose?
What solutions does the product offer for mitigating my business's carbon footprint?
Does NetNada provide any alternative solution to help reduce carbon emissions?
How does the product contribute to our company's cost reduction efforts?
How does the product's analysis account for employees who work from home?
Who is the most qualified individual to use the platform in my business?
How can I monitor the performance of my business?
How much time should I spend on the platform?
Is it difficult to operate the product's platform?
Which standards does NetNada follow?
Is there a standard-compliance mark on the certificate for my business?
Is it necessary to continue subscribing if we already have our baseline assessment
What certifications do we receive once our business's carbon footprint is neutralised?
What is a carbon emission?
What is a carbon credit?
What is a carbon offset?
What is a carbon footprint?
How does the product measures carbon emissions?
Does NetNada provide carbon offsets?
How long will NetNada take to carbon neutralise my business?
Is it possible for our business to purchase carbon offset?
What is Net-Zero?
How does NetNada contribute to our business's goal of net-zero energy consumption?
How do I disconnect from Xero
Data flow diagram for the Xero integration
What does incorporating data from Xero in your app look like?
What doesn't your integration do?
What happens to my Xero data if I cancel my subscription with NetNada?
What data do we sync from Xero?
Where do we store the Xero data?