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Air company, which was founded by Australian Gregory Constantine has just won a huge award from none other than NASA!

Now we all know climate change is stressful, but the team at Air Company have really done us a solid, as they not only convert CO2 to sugars, they make vodka! So sit back and have a drink as we take you through how carbon negative spirits and how NASA are connected.

Air Company is a technology, engineering and design-based company in New York who participated (and won) NASA’s CO2 Conversion Challenge with a project that converts CO2 into sugars to create new resources on Mars. The competition was meant to demonstrate the most efficient means of CO2 conversion that would allow future inhabitants of the planet to manufacture products using Mars’ atmospheric carbon dioxide and water as resources.

“We’re thrilled to have obtained this unbelievable recognition from NASA,” mentioned Gregory Constantine, CEO and co-founder of Air Firm, “The chances and purposes for our expertise are huge and we’re thrilled to have the ability to proceed to make use of innovation to push boundaries. From shopper items that actively assist mitigate local weather change to sustaining individuals throughout area journey, our ambition is to assist additional humanity each on Earth and past.” The corporate was additionally named by TIME for having one of many 100 Finest Innovations of 2020 and Quick Firm for the Finest World Altering Concept North America.

In keeping with the corporate, the principle key to success got here from designing an extremely environment friendly and dependable non-biological course of (patent pending) with the flexibility to function without human interference. The carbon dioxide system may be constructed as miniaturized items sized to suit inside a Mars Exploration Rover or deployed at huge scales for extra widespread operation.

Back on Earth though, the Air Company continues to do great things, pushing the limits of sustainability and carbon neutral products to encourage a positive shift towards responsible consumption (in both senses).

I hope you are all as excited as we are at NetNada about the alcoholic drink that is good for Earth (and Mars too)!

Check out Air Company to learn more about their amazing work and innovative drinks.

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