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7-Minute Platform Walkthrough

NetNada Platform Walkthrough Summary

  • Introduction
    • Presented by Alex King, Head of Customer Success at NetNada.
    • Overview of the platform, highlighting key features and functionalities.
  • Getting Started
    • Add a new reporting year tailored to your company’s sustainability goals and certification requirements.
    • Enter organisational details: logo, name, ABN, description, number of employees, and yearly revenue to develop a carbon intensity factor.
  • Emission Boundaries
    • Define and manage emission boundaries, e.g., excluding immaterial emissions like working from home if they represent less than 1% of total emissions.
  • Data Input Methods
    • Spend-based data for analyzing scope 3 emissions, uploaded via CSV or integrated with accounting software like MYOB or Xero.
    • Activity-based data for various categories (electricity, flights, waste, paper, employee commute) using calculators and bulk uploads.
  • Dashboard Overview
    • Visual representation of total emissions, emissions per employee, emissions by scope, and emissions by category over time.
  • Supply Chain Review
    • Engage suppliers and review supply chain data, allowing changes and updates to classification using AI and machine learning.
  • Consultation and Support
    • Relationship with ESG experts for data review, sustainability goals, reduction strategies, and offset partnerships.
    • Request automatic reports detailing carbon emissions, methodology, GHG protocol, and sustainability plans.

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