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What is NetNada?

We are thrilled to have you here! We believe that the planet is better off by just having you read this.

So, what is NetNada?

NetNada is a radically new type of sustainability software built from the ground up for you, the user.

We help climate heroes within Australian businesses and global organisations—like Zip Co, Melbourne Rebels, MyBusiness NSW, Merivale, and URM—measure, report, and act on emissions throughout their supply chains.

With NetNada, you can understand your business footprint and deploy sustainability strategies - all without spreadsheets or expensive consultants.

But, really what is NetNada?

Okay, okay! NetNada is a group of talented humans with a passion to help everyone become leaders in sustainability. Today the best way we found how to do it is to build state of the art software so all businesses can do their part on our way to Net Zero.

Welcome to the team.

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