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Supply Chain Categorisation

Walkthrough Summary

  • Introduction
    • Presented by Alex King, Head of Customer Success at NetNada.
    • Overview of supply chain categorisation, verification of Scope 3 categorisation, and exclusion of certain suppliers.
  • Navigating to Supply Chain Review
    • Access the supply chain section from the left menu or the main dashboard.
    • Review newly uploaded business expenses and categorise suppliers accurately.
  • Supplier Review and Confidence
    • System flags suppliers needing review for verification.
    • Approve or change supplier categories as needed (e.g., reclassify "First Choice" from ICT to Insurance).
    • Adjust emission factors based on correct categorisation (e.g., changing from "Postage" to "Machinery" increases emission factor).
  • Focus on Major Suppliers
    • Prioritise reviewing top 20-40 suppliers for accurate emission reporting.
    • Minor suppliers (e.g., 0.01% emissions) have less impact on overall carbon account.
  • Excluding Suppliers
    • Identify and exclude irrelevant suppliers (e.g., stock adjustments, internal differentials) from carbon accounting.
    • Exclude employees incorrectly categorised as suppliers (e.g., Nick Fish, previously a contractor now an employee).
  • Best Practices and Next Steps
    • Review the first 100 suppliers or those above a certain emission threshold (e.g., over a ton).
    • For further assistance, please get in touch with your account manager.
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