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Adding organisation details

This guide will help you understand how to enter your organisation's details into NetNata. Don’t worry, it's easy and super important for measuring your company's carbon footprint accurately.

Before you complete this steps please ensure you have already selected your reporting year.

Step 1: Accessing Your Organisation’s Details Page

Inside the 'Identify' stage of your Home page, go to the organisation's details card.

Step 2: Updating Your Basic Details

Here, you might have already pre-filled details from your onboarding process like your organisation's name and ABN. If there's a mistake, just click and update it accordingly.

Step 3: Describing Your Organisation

Next to 'Organisation Description,' enter a market-oriented description. This description can be edited anytime and would be pulled for your final report.

Step 4: Adding Your Business Locations

Now head to 'Locations,' which is where your business operates physically. This could be offices, shared spaces, warehouses, or distribution centers.

You will need to tick the last column to include the location in the measurement

Adding additional locations

Click 'Add Location' to include it in the list. Fill in the name, country, state, street address, city, and postcode for each location.

Step 5: Defining Boundary Approach

In the 'Boundary Approach' section, you define how you'll measure your emissions. Typically, most companies have 'Operational Control' selected. However, if you need to change it for any reason, feel free to contact NetNata's customer service team.

Step 6: Saving Your Progress

Once you’re satisfied with your provided info, click 'Save.' You'll be automatically taken back to the homepage. Your progress bar would have updated to reflect the new information.

That's all you need to fill in your organization's details on NetNata. Now you've set a solid foundation for accurate carbon measurement! Thanks for following along with this guide. You're one step closer to understanding your company's impact on the environment.

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