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Setting emissions boundaries

This guide will help you understand how to set emissions boundaries for your carbon measurement inside NetNada in a simple and easy way.

Step 1: Introduction to Emissions Boundary

Imagine you have a space, let's call it "Emissions Boundaries," where you can drag 'emissions' (these are the activities that that create carbon, like purchases or using vehicles in your company).

Step 2: Understanding Categories

There are three boxes inside this space - 'Included,' 'Non-Quantified,' and 'Excluded.'

  • 'Included' means items that are relevant to your business and need measurement even if they make zero emissions. For instance, if your company doesn't use machinery, it's still in this box but it counts as zero.
  • 'Non-Quantified' is for items you can't accurately measure, maybe because you don't have the facts, or it's too costly to find out. For instance, your employees used Ubers but never reimbursed the company so you don’t know how much they have travelled.
  • 'Excluded' is for things specifically left out based on decisions made by your stakeholders- the people affected by your company's activities.

Step 3: Moving emissions to different categories

Let's say you want to move some emissions to the ‘non-quantified- category.  You can click and drag it into the 'Non-quantified' box and it stays there.

Step 4: Providing reasoning for Non-quantification or Exclusion

Emissions that are not Included require a reason. This will show up on your final report. Just click on the emission category and a new screen opens. Here you can provide the reasoning.

Step 5: Adding Data

If you want to add data to an emissions source, you have a couple of options. You can access them directly from this page or go to the Measuring section of NetNada in your Overview screen.

Step 6: Get Help

Remember, it's crucial to do these steps correctly as this affects your carbon accounting process. If you ever feel confused or need guidance, contact the NetNata team. They are ready and happy to help!

And that's it! Now you know how to use the emissions boundaries of the NetNata carbon accounting software. Happy tracking your company's carbon emissions!

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