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Uploading invoices

This guide helps understand how to upload activity data, like electricity bills, to NetNada. This data will count towards emissions with activity data as a source

Step 1: Going to Activity Data on your Overview page

First, head over to the 'Measurement Section' on your Overview page and look for 'Add Activity Data' Selecting this option presents you two choices:

  • 'Upload Invoices'
  • 'Use Emissions Calculator.'

For this tutorial, we're focusing on 'Upload Invoices.'

Step 2: Selecting Data Type and Location

On the new screen, you have two important selections to make - 'data type' and 'location'.

  • For 'data type,' click on the dropdown menu and choose what type of data you are uploading. For example, 'Electricity' if you are uploading an electricity invoice.
  • For 'Location,' this will be where the invoice is from. For example, you may choose 'First office' if that's where your electricity bill has been generated from.

Step 3: Setting the Billing Period

Now, select the billing period which is usually specified in the invoice. This can be for any period. For Electricity most common periods is one month or three months.

You even have the option to do a 'bulk upload'. In this case, select the year's worth of invoices at once and drag them all to the page.

Step 4: Uploading Your Invoice

Next, click on 'Choose a file.' This will direct you to your computer files for you to pick the appropriate invoice to upload. Once you have chosen the file, simply hit 'Submit.'

Step 5: Processing Your Invoice

Now, sit back and relax! A loading bar will indicate that your invoice is being processed. A little pop-up will notify you that your invoice is being processed and after a while, the approval status will change from 'Pending' to 'Approved.'

Step 6: Checking Your Invoice Upload

By clicking on the invoice, you can see which one it’s related to, which makes file management easy.

And voila, that's it! You have successfully uploaded activity data to the carbon accounting software, NetMata. Thanks for reading this guide! Remember, practice makes perfect. So go ahead and try uploading a couple more invoices. Pretty soon, you'll be a pro at this!

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